Barbara Baig

creator of The Mastery Path: for writers who seek excellence

Now available for pre-order at your favorite bookstore or online retailer.

Barbara is available to give talks or workshops via Skype.

If your local library or writers' group would like to arrange a visit with Barbara, please get in touch with her, using the contact form on this site.

Visits to libraries are free; fees for visits with writers' groups are negotiable.

Selected Works

Develop professional-level skills the same way athletes and musicians do: through deliberate practice and imitating the experts.
Train your creativity, imagination, observational skills, curiosity and other key writing skills through guided practice. Learn how to develop your material and how to establish a natural relationship with readers.

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APRIL 2015

Spellbinding Sentences is now available for pre-order.

MAY 2015

May 7, 1-3 p.m., University of Maine at Machias
Teaching The Mastery Path for Writers
A workshop for middle school and high school teachers
Contact Barbara for more information.

JUNE 2015

June 19-27. Residency for students in MFA Program in Creative Writing, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA
Book release events for Spellbinding Sentences.

JULY 2015

July 10
Official release of Spellbinding Sentences

Friday, July 17, 7 p.m.
Lincoln Memorial Library, Dennysville, ME
Book release event for Spellbinding Sentences